1. Bust Crew - Episode 1

    Bust Crew is a new show me and Will Rosenstock are making with Vans. This episode has a Richmond VX montage and CELLOUT Montage 4.

  2. Montage 3

    Welcome to LA brother…

  3. Montage 2


  4. Montage 1

  5. This was the bi-product of us trying to make skits for CELLOUT. It’s too funny not to share.

  6. Erich’s Part

    DVDs on sale for $10.00 shipped


  7. Ty’s part

    DVDs on sale for $10.00 shipped

  8. Gilbert’s Part

    DVDs on sale for $10.00 shipped


  9. nallan said: I bought toxic turds on dvd and it crapped out on me in a month. how do i know that ill be able to watch cellout enough before the dvd dies?

    Cellout comes with a lifetime guarantee, if it stops working let me know and I’ll send you a new one. That’s a bummer about turdz, I might be able to get you another copy.


  10. Anonymous said: Hello good people of the VA area. I almost grew up in Richmond, but my folks moved to Miami before I was born. All my extended family still lives there, and every time I've come to visit, I've met and skated with random heads around downtown. Everyone I've ever skated with up there have been great people, and the scene seems strong and positive. Can't wait to get the video down here, cheers to what looks like a masterpiece. Jeeuuh. - Big_Cookie_T

    Yeah, I love the scene here. Thanks for the support, hope you enjoy the video!